Aromatherapy Hot Pack Black with Pastel Hearts

Aromatherapy Hot Pack Black with Pastel Hearts

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Our aromatherapy packs make a great gift for any occasion!
This gorgeous, large microwavable cotton-covered heating pad has a segmented muslin insert filled with 100% food grade flax seeds. It does not contain any fillers such as rice, buckwheat, barley, corn or wheat. 

The cotton cover is removable and washable making it a breeze to keep clean.  This pack can also be kept in the freezer in a resealable zippered bag for a gentle cold pack. 

Our packs are easy to use, environmentally friendly, and non toxic.


Large Measurements:  8 x 18 Mixed Herbs: Lavender/Eucalyptus/Chamomile/Peppermint

X Large Measurements:  11 x 21 Mixed Herbs: Lavender/Eucalyptus/Chamomile/Peppermint


Instructions:  Place your pack in the microwave and heat on high in 1 minute increments until your desired temperature. Please be sure NOT to overheat your pack and do NOT get pack wet. Position pack where you are looking for relief or comfort. Packs may be helpful for Aches & Pains, Sore Muscles, Sleep Support, or just Warmth & Comfort, etc.

General Microwave Time:  (Microwaves differ so be sure to start in 1 minute increments)

Large Packs: 2 minutes

X Large Packs, XXLarge Packs and Shoulder/Shrug Packs: 2-3 minutes

Boo Boo Packs: Heat in 30 second increments

Eye Packs: Heat for 30 seconds

Product Care: Wash cover only and lay flat to dry. Pack without cover, spot clean only!

Tip: Keep one of your packs in the freezer in a zippered bag for cool relief.

Don’t like cold winter nights? Always cold?  Heat up your packs and put under your blankets to keep warm at night 😉