About Us

How Olivia & Granny Came to Be

Several years ago, my daughter was on a flight to a conference in Baltimore. At the last minute, she decided to ditch her connecting flight and come home to visit us in Pennsylvania. We offered to drive her to Baltimore the very next day. In the less than 24 hour visit, my daughter decided that she wanted a dog! Normally measured in her approach, this was unusual for her. I said "We don't really have time to do this since we are leaving early in the morning for our road trip to Baltimore". Well history will show that this didn't deter her one bit! So off we went! We were just two dogs into the visit when we picked up a puppy we could not put down. “What kind of name does she look like?” my daughter asked. “Oh, hands down, she’s an Olivia!” I responded. So named and everything, we had to have her. Despite my daughter believing that Olivia would become her full-time dog that summer (i.e., after I did the hard work of training her hehe), I could not part with her! Since my daughter picked Olivia up "first" we agreed that she would be the mama and I would be the granny and this is how Olivia and Granny became an inseparable duo that has collected many treasures over the years!

Wondering How We Came to Choose Our Product Line?

Ever since Olivia was a pup she was sort of a "Nervous Nellie". We would always try to do things to calm her as best we could. Through the years we found various things to help comfort her such as a warm aromatherapy pack, a snug sweater to help her feel more secure, giving her home baths in delicious smelling puppy soaps, leaving on meditation music when we left the house, etc. As a health conscious granny, it was very important to me to choose products that would bring comfort to both animals and humans. In choosing our product line, our products needed to be natural, comforting, and high quality. My goal is to have a product line that brings joy and comfort to all.